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i bought a car.

omg i bought a car......

Fuck I bought a CAR!
Within the next year 3 of us will be married and I'm sure a couple more will start thinking about it. I have 2 more family members getting married in that time too. It sure seems like now is the time to get married.
I have to leave now. Good morning.





Danielle has projects now....

Okay so in the next couple months I will be:

Loosing 30 lbs for the wedding. This diet begins on Monday, so YAY...
(I know I've said it before and I'll say it again...I hate diets but it's totally worth it in order to fit into a great dress. HA)

Writing a book in the month of November. I signed up for NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words by November 30th! Thanksgiving weekend will definately be helpful for this.

Buying a New Car. I just got a loan for a new car! WHOOP! Know anyone who wants a car for $800 cash - it runs well, needs some maitenance and new tires but it's a good lil car. I'm selling the Cavalier, as soon as I can clean it up.

Planning the wedding - OMGosh we need to work on this and as of this moment I have no drive to do ANYTHING! I do mean anything.

Meghan's wedding is next weekend! YAY! I'm so excited.

Building my Being Buddhist website!

Continuing my blog about having Fibro/no diagnosis.

left work today early. I was coughing pretty bad, and talking made it worse. So I decided to head home. The walk from the office to my car actually almost killed me. I was coughing so hard by the time i got to my car I couldn't breathe. I hauled ass to the kaiser around the corner and was admitted as a triage patient. Whoop! Now I'm stuck at home again with a humidifier, a doctors note, and an assurance that if I go to irvine again I will end up in the hospital for respiratory distress.
Basically I'm off for the rest of the week. poop. seriously I love my job, and I wanna be there for everyone. Oh well. I'm working hard at being a good patient and giving my lungs a rest. Kind of hard though when we don't have any kind of clean air anywhere. Maybe I'll go back to the library tomorrow and sleep under a pile of books. lol.
Sitting up makes my head hurt and me cough so I'm off to bed. Night.

black out

powers out...and how about you?

Damn asthma

I went to work today and the sky looked ablaze at 9 o'clock. The sun through the smoke was brilliant red. I was at work for 2 hours and by then my asthma had gotten so bad my boss sent me home. Poop. I love my job.
My doctor gave me a breathing treatment, and 4 different medications and I am under house arrest for 2 days until my breathing gets better or until the air quality improves. I do hope everyone out there is okay. Very little pain today except my feet and hands. I met an awesome doctor who I think I might switch to cause he has more availability and He was so sypathetic when I asked about everything conflicting with current medication. :) So here I lay.
Hey mom, are you doing alright?

Danielle, why are you calling work? are you okay?

Mom there's a fire in fontana...dur.


Yes mom.

I thought I smelled smoke.

The Dalai Lama

recieved the congressional medal of honor today. It's time to celebrate.